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Bengali Association of New South Wales is a non-profit charitable and cultural organisation registered under the NSW Charitable Collections Act 1934. The Association’s main objective is to promote Bengali language, literature, music, history and culture in the wider multicultural society of NSW.

From the very inception, the Association has enjoyed absolute loyalty and patronage of most of the Bengali settlers in metropolitan Sydney and country NSW. Regular sporting, cultural and religious functions are organised by the Association. Charity work of the Association in Australia and abroad is highly commendable; however, limited resources always restricted the Management Committee from doing more in this area.

The Association is managed by a Management Committee consisting of the President, Secretary, Treasurer and six members elected annually. Regular functions held include Durga Puja, Vijaya, Saraswati Puja, Annual Sporting Carnival, Bengali New Year’s Day, Rabindra Jayanti and Annual Dinner and Drama.

Brief History

The Bengali Association of New South Wales was established in 1974 with only twelve member families. The founding members convened a meeting which was held at the now defunct India Tea Centre premises in the city. According to the resolution of that meeting the Association was registered. The Lotus logo with twelve petals was created as a symbol of twelve existing families who initially became members.

Past Committees

Year President Secretary Treasurer
1974-75 Mr. A. Bose Ms. P. Deb/R.N. Banerjee Mr. R. N. Mukherjee
1975-76 Mr. A. Bose Mr. P. Deb Mr. R. N. Mukherjee
1976-77 Dr. A. Roy Mr. D. N. Roy Mr. R. N. Mukherjee
1977-78 Mr. S.Pahari  Mr. D. N. Roy Mr. N. Saha Choudhury
1978-79 Dr. N.G. Kundu  Mr. D. N. Roy  Mr. N. Saha Choudhury
1979-80 Dr. N.G. Kundu Mr. R. N. Mukherjee  Mr. M. Gupta
1980-81 Dr. A. Sengupta Dr. D. K. Hor Mr. N. Saha Choudhury
 1981-82 Dr. S. Chakraborty Mr. A. Bose  Mr. S. Bhattacharjee
1982-83 Dr. S. Chakraborty  Mr. N. Saha Choudhury  Mr. M. Gupta
 1983-84  Dr. S. K. Dutta  Mr. Nikhil R. Das Mr. S. Mookerjee
1985-86 Mr. D. N. Roy  Mr. A. K. Sarkar Mr. P. Mukherjee
1986-87 Mr. D. N. Roy Mr. A. K. Sarkar Dr. P. Chanda
1987-88 Dr. R.Shome Mr. S. Dattaray Mr. B. Bhattacharjee
1988-89 Dr. P. K. Pal Mr. M. Gupta Mr. S. K. Banerjee
1989-90 Mr. R. N. Mukherjee Mrs. P. Roy Mr. R. K. Datta
1990-91 Mr. P. Deb Mrs. R. Dutta Mr. J. Pal
1991-92 Mr. A. Roy Mr. J. Pal Mr. T. K. BasuRoy
1992-93 Mr. A. K. Sarkar Dr. S. Majumdar Mr. J. Pal
1993-94 Mrs. P. Roy Mr. G. Ganguli Mr. A. Mukherjee
1994-95 Dr. S.Majumdar Dr. S. Maitra Mr. U. Mitra
1995-96 Mr. N. R. Das Mr. R. K. Datta Mr. R. Dutta
1996-97 Mr. N. R. Das Mr. R. K. Datta Mr. A. Lodh
1997-98 Mr. D. Mukherjee Mr. R. Das Mr. D. Hor
1998-99 Mr. S. Thakur Mr. C. RoyChaudhury Mr. M. Barat
1999-00 Mrs. E. Roy Mr. R. Banerji Mr. P. Ray
2000-01 Mr. N. R. Das Mr. Sandip Hor Mr. Pradip Ray
2001-02 Mr. R. Datta Mr. M. Barat Mr. S. Lodh
2002-03 Mr. Benu Kar Mr. C. RoyChaudhury Mrs. R. Goswami
2003-04 Dr. D.Hor Mr. G. Gangopadhya Mr. R. Dutta
2004-05 Mr. N.SahaChowdhury Mr.S.Thakur Mr.R. Dutta
2005-06 Mr. N.SahaChowdhury Mr.S Thakur Mr. A. Pramanik/Mr. M. Barat
2006-07 Mr. D Bhakta Mr. P. Hazra Mr. A. Das
2007-08 Dr. A.M. Maitra/Mr. R.K. Datta Mr. S.Ganguli/Mr. S.Lodh Mr. B. Roy
2008-09 Mr. C. Raychaudhury Mr. S. Ray Mr. B. Roy
2009-10 Mr. G.Ganguly Mr. S.Ray Mr. S.Dey
2010-11 Mr. B.Gupta Mr. D.Chakarbarti Mr. A.Misra
2011-12 Mr. B.Gupta Mr. D.Chakarbarti Mr. A.Misra
2012-13 Mr. B.Gupta Mr. S. Lodh Mr. P. Ray
2013-14 Mr. S. Dey Mr. S. Lodh Mr. P. Ray
2014-15 Mr. A. Misra Mr. B. Gupta Mr. A. Das
2015-16 Mr. S. Dey Mrs. A. Mitra Mr. P. Ray
2016-17 Mrs. A. Mitra Mr. S. Dey Mr. P. Ray

NOTE: The above list may be inaccurate for the 1970’s. Rectification will be made as soon as correct details are available.

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